50 Easy and Delicious Keto Snacks for Ketogenic Dieters

Snacking may seem difficult on a ketogenic diet, but there are actually an incredible amount of tasty low-carb snacks.  Whether you’re looking for a snack you can take with you on the go or just something quick you can whip up in your kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, you’ll find dozens of amazing keto snack options below.

Have a snack idea that would make our list even better?  Leave it in the comments below, and we’ll add it and give you credit!

  1. Beef Jerky – Beef Jerky can be a delicious and portable low-carb snack, but some off-the-shelf jerky has more carbs than you would expect.  We’ve found that Old Wisconsin Beef Snack Sticks are delicious and SUPER low in carbohydrates.
  2. Veggies and Dip – Veggies and dip is a quick snack that you can take on the go.  We love cucumbers, green or red peppers, and broccoli dipped in ranch dressing.  Be sure to avoid “low-fat” dressings, as they usually have more carbohydrates than full-fat dressing.  Be sure to have a few small, travel-safe containers on hand so that you can bring dressing or dip on-the-go.
  3. Quest Bars!!! – Pardon our enthusiasm, but we were searching for the ultimate low-carb snack bar and we finally found it.  3-4g of net carbs per bar, no sugar or sugar alcohols, and an amazing taste.  Our favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Supreme.
  4. Pepperoni Slices – Pepperoni sliced up can be a great snack by itself, and it gets even more delicious when you pair it with cheese!  Be sure to keep an eye on calories, as they can really add up with these types of snacks.
  5. Cold Cuts and Cheese Roll-Ups – Quick and easy, simply wrap ham, turkey, roast beef, or your favorite lunchmeat around a slice of your favorite cheese for a quick low-carb snack.
  6. Hard-Boiled Egg – Quick, easy, portable, and incredibly healthy, having a few hard-boiled eggs in your fridge makes for an awesome snack.  We love this recipe for making perfectly cooked and easy-to-peel hard-boiled eggs.
  7. Small Salad – Whether you want something simple like mixed greens and olive oil, or something a little more filling like a chef’s salad with hard-boiled eggs and your favorite lunch meat and cheese, salads are always a great snack option for keto dieters.
  8. Peanuts – Peanuts aren’t the absolute best keto snack, but in moderation they can definitely be a tasty choice.  Peanuts are around 3g of net carbs for a quarter of a cup.
  9. Almonds – Almonds are a great snack choice for keto dieters with under 2.5g of net carbs for a quarter of a cup.
  10. Atkins Bars – Atkins Bars have gotten surprisingly tasty over the years, as they’ve gotten much better at making products that taste more natural, and have managed to minimize that “fake sugar” taste that turns off a lot of people.  Our favorite flavors are Caramel Nut Chew, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cookies N’ Creme, and Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp.
  11. Atkins Shakes – The Atkins brand shakes are surprisingly delicious, particularly the French Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate flavors.  They make for a quick snack, and one that you can bring on-the-go or keep a few in the office fridge.  And did we mention that they’re only 1g of net carbs per shake?
  12. NuGo Smarte Carb Bar – If you’re a fan of peanut butter, the NuGo Smarte Carb Bar is a close second the the Quest bars.  At 2g of net carbs per bar, and selling for under $1.50 per bar, they’re one of the more affordable ket0-friendly snacks you can purchase.
  13. String Cheese – Simple and easy, string cheese is a great snack on its own, or paired with a couple slices of pepperoni.  Don’t forget to buy the full-fat versions – “low-fat” usually just means more unhealthy fillers and more carbohydrates!
  14. Celery with Peanut Butter or Cream Cheese – As we all know, celery is a negative calorie snack.  When you pair it with a topping like peanut butter or cream cheese, it makes for a delicious and satiating snack.
  15. Pork Rinds – Lowrey’s are the BEST.  We love the Hot N’ Spicy flavor, but Original is quite good as well, depending on your taste.  Microwaveable pork rinds might sound a bit strange at first, but they’re shockingly tasty, and probably the best way to get that crunchy, salty snack that can be hard to attain on a low-carb diet without potato chips and crackers.  Pro tip: you can make some killer pork rind nachos, and you can even crumple them up and use them as faux-breadcrumbs to fry chicken in.
  16. Low-Carb Tortilla and Cheese – Low-carb tortillas can truly be a life-saver on the ketogenic diet, and there’s almost no quicker hot snack than a cheese roll-up.  Throw your favorite cheese in, toss some spices on (we love pepper jack cheese and a little bit of cayenne pepper to spice things up), microwave it until melted, and enjoy.  Mama Lupe’s tortillas are near indistinguishable from normal tortillas, as are the Low-Carb tortillas from Mission.  Most supermarkets seem to carry a low-carb option or two in their tortilla department nowadays, so add it to your grocery list.
  17. Just The Cheese Snacks ***
  18. Chicken Wings
  19. Roast Chicken
  20. Deviled Eggs
  21. Egg Salad on LC Wrap ***
  22. Tuna Salad Wrap
  23. Bacon Covered Jalapeño Poppers
  24. Sugar-Free Jello
  25. Sugar-Free Popsicles 
  26. Pickles
  27. Guacamole
  28. Broccoli and Cheese
  29. Turkey Jerky ***
  30. Avocado
  31. Bacon
  32. Minute Muffins
  33. Olives
  34. Fat Bombs
  35. Pancakes ***
  36. Iced Coffee ***
  37. Brownies ***
  38. Low Carb Chili
  39. Protein Shake
  40. Low Carb Cookies ***
  41. Chocolate ***
  42. Jalapeño Nachos
  43. Portabello Potato Skins
  44. Low Carb Quesadilla
  45. Cheese Chips
  46. Spinach or Kale Chips
  47. Oopsie Rolls
  48. Chicken Salad
  49. Flax Chips and Cheese
  50. Sunflower Seeds

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