Keto Diet Motivation: Sticking to a Low-Carb Diet

Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet MotivationA ketogenic diet is a great way to achieve fast weight loss results while feeling healthy, experiencing no cravings, and eating foods you enjoy. However, as with any other diet, having restrictions on what you can eat can sometimes be frustrating and there will probably be times when you find it hard. Here are some tips to keep your motivation levels high on a ketogenic diet.

Getting Support

Anything you do is easier if you can talk to people who are doing the same thing. If you have friends who also want to lose weight, you could encourage them to go on a ketogenic diet with you, so you can experience the highs and lows together and have fun exercising and discovering new recipes with them. Alternatively, you can find a lot of support online. A lot of people use the ketogenic diet, so you will have problem finding forums where you can talk about it. This can be a great source of inspiration, as you can talk to people who are further down the line and have achieved their goals, as well as share resources and find answers to questions you might have.

Focus on the Positives

When you find yourself wishing you could have some cake or drink a beer, focus on what you have already achieved. This doesn’t just mean any weight you’ve lost, but your well-being in general. Do you feel more consistently energetic? Are you sleeping better? Think about how you feel now compared to how you felt eating what you used to eat. You are on the path to a better body and a better life – is it worth setting yourself back just for some very temporary pleasure?

Handle Setbacks Immediately

If you do fall off the wagon and eat or drink something you aren’t supposed to, don’t give up. The ketogenic diet is a lifestyle change. It is unrealistic to expect that there won’t be the odd occasion where you fall to temptation, perhaps on vacation or on a special occasion. Remember that when you eat carbs above a certain threshold, your body will come out of ketosis, and it will take a couple of days to get back into it (you can check this using Ketostix), so while it is easy enough to get back on track by getting back on the ketogenic diet you need to do this as soon as possible so as not to waste too much time out of ketosis, and ensure it doesn’t happen too often.

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