Satisfying a Sweet Tooth on a Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Sweet ToothA ketogenic, low carb diet is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to lose weight, but if you are someone with a love of sweet foods, then it can look a little bit intimidating. Sugars of all kinds are carbs, so even the sweet things you would be allowed or even encouraged to eat on a conventional low fat diet, such as fruit, are out, let alone foods like cakes, cookies and chocolate.

The good news is that as you get used to a low carb diet, you will cease to crave sugar, because your body will break any sugar addictions and your blood sugar levels will remain consistent. Additionally, the foods you do eat will begin to taste sweeter naturally. You may even find your sweet tooth goes away altogether, and you become one of those people who’d rather have cheese for dessert. Until that happens, or if it doesn’t, here are some things that can help.


For many people, this sugar substitute is a big help as they adjust to a low carb diet. It can be added to coffee or tea in place of real sugar, and used in cooking, or sprinkled on things if you buy it in the granulated form. This allows you to sweeten things up and develop or follow recipes for sweet snacks and desserts suitable for a low carb diet.

Commercial Low Carb Diet Products

You can buy keto friendly snacks such as cookies and snack bars either online or in many supermarkets. These are designed for people on a low carb diet and so the carb content will be clearly displayed to help you factor it in to your daily allowance. These tend to taste less sweet than their sugary alternatives, but can make for a nice treat.

Sugar Free Foods and Beverages

You can easily find sugar free Jell-o, and sugar free versions of many popular soft drinks. If you are in the induction phase of your low carb diet, make sure that you are choosing soft drinks that are free of caffeine as well as sugar, like Caffiene Free Diet Coke as opposed to regular Diet Coke.


In some phases of some low carb diet programs, such as the OWL phase of the Atkins diet, you can incorporate some berries into your diet. Berries are lower in carbohydrate than most fruits and won’t cause blood sugar spikes in moderation, but offer sweetness as well as important vitamins. Ensure you measure portions and count the carbs in your berries to make sure you don’t exceed your daily allowance.

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